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  1. Photo of Ridley Scott

    Ridley Scott Director and Producer

  2. Photo of Cormac McCarthy

    Cormac McCarthy Screenplay and Executive Producer

  3. Photo of Michael Costigan

    Michael Costigan Executive Producer

  4. Photo of Mark Huffam

    Mark Huffam Executive Producer

  5. Photo of Michael Schaefer

    Michael Schaefer Executive Producer

  6. Photo of Paula Mae Schwartz

    Paula Mae Schwartz Producer

  7. Photo of Steve Schwartz

    Steve Schwartz Producer

  8. Photo of Nick Wechsler

    Nick Wechsler Producer

  9. Photo of Daniel Pemberton

    Daniel Pemberton Music

  10. Photo of Dariusz Wolski

    Dariusz Wolski Cinematography

  11. Photo of Pietro Scalia

    Pietro Scalia Editing

  12. Photo of Arthur Max

    Arthur Max Production Design

  13. Photo of Michael Fassbender

    Michael Fassbender Cast

  14. Photo of Penélope Cruz

    Penélope Cruz Cast

  15. Photo of Cameron Diaz

    Cameron Diaz Cast

  16. Photo of Javier Bardem

    Javier Bardem Cast

  17. Photo of Brad Pitt

    Brad Pitt Cast

  18. Photo of Bruno Ganz

    Bruno Ganz Cast

  19. Photo of Dean Norris

    Dean Norris Cast

  20. Photo of John Leguizamo

    John Leguizamo Cast

  21. Photo of Rosie Perez

    Rosie Perez Cast

  22. Photo of Goran Višnjić

    Goran Višnjić Cast

  23. Photo of Natalie Dormer

    Natalie Dormer Cast

  24. Photo of Emma Rigby

    Emma Rigby Cast

  25. Photo of Rubén Blades

    Rubén Blades Cast

  26. Photo of Toby Kebbell

    Toby Kebbell Cast

  27. Photo of Édgar Ramírez

    Édgar Ramírez Cast

  28. Photo of Dar Dash

    Dar Dash Cast