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  1. Photo of Julie Delpy

    Julie Delpy Cast, Screenplay, Music Director

  2. Photo of Daniel Brühl

    Daniel Brühl Cast

  3. Photo of William Hurt

    William Hurt Cast

  4. Photo of Anamaria Marinca

    Anamaria Marinca Cast

  5. Photo of Sebastian Blomberg

    Sebastian Blomberg Cast

  6. Photo of Charly Hübner

    Charly Hübner Cast

  7. Photo of Adriana Altaras

    Adriana Altaras Cast

  8. Photo of Andy Gatjen

    Andy Gatjen Cast

  9. Photo of Maria Simon

    Maria Simon Cast

  10. Photo of Frederick Lau

    Frederick Lau Cast

  11. Photo of Katrin Pollitt

    Katrin Pollitt Cast

  12. Photo of Martin Ruhe

    Martin Ruhe Cinematography

  13. Photo of Mark Streitenfeld

    Mark Streitenfeld Music

  14. Photo of Hubert Pouille

    Hubert Pouille Production Design

  15. Photo of Andro Steinborn

    Andro Steinborn Producer

  16. Photo of Hengameh Panahi

    Hengameh Panahi Producer

  17. Photo of Matthew E. Chausse

    Matthew E. Chausse Producer

  18. Photo of Christopher Tuffin

    Christopher Tuffin Producer

  19. Photo of Skady Lis

    Skady Lis Executive Producer

  20. Photo of Christian Baute

    Christian Baute Executive Producer

  21. Photo of Chris Coen

    Chris Coen Executive Producer

  22. Photo of Martin Shore

    Martin Shore Executive Producer

  23. Photo of Gordon Steel

    Gordon Steel Executive Producer

  24. Photo of Andrew Bird

    Andrew Bird Editing

  25. Photo of Julie Delord

    Julie Delord Editing

  26. Photo of Dirk Bombey

    Dirk Bombey Sound

  27. Photo of Pierre-Yves Gayraud

    Pierre-Yves Gayraud Costume Design