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  1. Photo of Claude Lelouch

    Claude Lelouch Director and Screenplay

  2. Photo of Dominique Combe

    Dominique Combe Producer

  3. Photo of Jean-Paul De Vidas

    Jean-Paul De Vidas Executive Producer

  4. Photo of Francis Lai

    Francis Lai Music

  5. Photo of Jean-Marie Dreujou

    Jean-Marie Dreujou Cinematography

  6. Photo of Stéphane Mazalaigue

    Stéphane Mazalaigue Editing

  7. Photo of François Chauvaud

    François Chauvaud Production Design

  8. Photo of Harald Maury

    Harald Maury Sound

  9. Photo of Mathilde Seigner

    Mathilde Seigner Cast

  10. Photo of Maïwenn

    Maïwenn Cast

  11. Photo of Massimo Ranieri

    Massimo Ranieri Cast

  12. Photo of Michel Leeb

    Michel Leeb Cast

  13. Photo of Arielle Dombasle

    Arielle Dombasle Cast

  14. Photo of Line Renaud

    Line Renaud Cast

  15. Photo of Yannick Soulier

    Yannick Soulier Cast

  16. Photo of Pierre Arditi

    Pierre Arditi Cast

  17. Photo of Sara Forestier

    Sara Forestier Cast

  18. Photo of Ticky Holgado

    Ticky Holgado Cast

  19. Photo of Michèle Bernier

    Michèle Bernier Cast

  20. Photo of Grégori Derangère

    Grégori Derangère Cast

  21. Photo of Francis Perrin

    Francis Perrin Cast

  22. Photo of Eric Viellard

    Eric Viellard Cast

  23. Photo of Lise Lamétrie

    Lise Lamétrie Cast

  24. Photo of André Falcon

    André Falcon Cast

  25. Photo of Vincenzo Martines

    Vincenzo Martines Cast

  26. Photo of Charles Gérard

    Charles Gérard Cast

  27. Photo of Cristiana Réali

    Cristiana Réali Cast

  28. Photo of Antoine Duléry

    Antoine Duléry Cast

  29. Photo of Jean-Michel Martial

    Jean-Michel Martial Cast

  30. Photo of Mireille Perrier

    Mireille Perrier Cast

  31. Photo of Cyrielle Clair

    Cyrielle Clair Cast

  32. Photo of Alexandra Kazan

    Alexandra Kazan Cast

  33. Photo of Thiam Aïssatou

    Thiam Aïssatou Cast

  34. Photo of Salomé Lelouch

    Salomé Lelouch Cast