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  1. Photo of Phillip Noyce

    Phillip Noyce Director and Screenplay

  2. Photo of Chris Noonan

    Chris Noonan Director and Screenplay

  3. Photo of Margaret Kelly

    Margaret Kelly Screenplay

  4. Photo of Russell Brandon

    Russell Brandon Screenplay

  5. Photo of Sally Gibson

    Sally Gibson Screenplay

  6. Photo of Alan David Lee

    Alan David Lee Cast

  7. Photo of Dennis Miller

    Dennis Miller Cast

  8. Photo of Tracy Mann

    Tracy Mann Cast

  9. Photo of Junichi Ishida

    Junichi Ishida Cast

  10. Photo of Kazuhiro Muroyama

    Kazuhiro Muroyama Cast

  11. Photo of Andrew Lloyde

    Andrew Lloyde Cast

  12. Photo of Munehisa Fujita

    Munehisa Fujita Cast

  13. Photo of Peter Hehir

    Peter Hehir Cast

  14. Photo of Norman Kaye

    Norman Kaye Cast

  15. Photo of Carole Skinner

    Carole Skinner Cast

  16. Photo of Simon Chilvers

    Simon Chilvers Cast

  17. Photo of Max Cullen

    Max Cullen Cast

  18. Photo of Glenda Linscott

    Glenda Linscott Cast

  19. Photo of Geoff Burton

    Geoff Burton Cinematography

  20. Photo of William Motzing

    William Motzing Music

  21. Photo of Bernard Hides

    Bernard Hides Production Design

  22. Photo of George Miller

    George Miller Producer

  23. Photo of Terry Hayes

    Terry Hayes Producer

  24. Photo of Doug Mitchell

    Doug Mitchell Executive Producer

  25. Photo of Byron Kennedy

    Byron Kennedy Executive Producer

  26. Photo of Neil Thumpston

    Neil Thumpston Editing

  27. Photo of Richard Francis-Bruce

    Richard Francis-Bruce Editing

  28. Photo of Henry Dangar

    Henry Dangar Editing

  29. Photo of Tim Jordan

    Tim Jordan Sound

  30. Photo of Kevin Kearney

    Kevin Kearney Sound

  31. Photo of John Schiefelbein

    John Schiefelbein Sound

  32. Photo of Terry Ryan

    Terry Ryan Costume Design