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  1. Photo of Peter Graham Scott

    Peter Graham Scott Director

  2. Photo of Lew Schwarz

    Lew Schwarz Screenplay

  3. Photo of Charlie Drake

    Charlie Drake Screenplay and Cast

  4. Photo of Mike Watts

    Mike Watts Screenplay

  5. Photo of Nyree Dawn Porter

    Nyree Dawn Porter Cast

  6. Photo of George Sanders

    George Sanders Cast

  7. Photo of Dennis Price

    Dennis Price Cast

  8. Photo of Percy Herbert

    Percy Herbert Cast

  9. Photo of Eddie Byrne

    Eddie Byrne Cast

  10. Photo of Finlay Currie

    Finlay Currie Cast

  11. Photo of Geoffrey Keen

    Geoffrey Keen Cast

  12. Photo of George A. Cooper

    George A. Cooper Cast

  13. Photo of Patrick Cargill

    Patrick Cargill Cast

  14. Photo of Norman Bird

    Norman Bird Cast

  15. Photo of Neil McCarthy

    Neil McCarthy Cast

  16. Photo of Christopher Rhodes

    Christopher Rhodes Cast

  17. Photo of Ronnie Barker

    Ronnie Barker Cast

  18. Photo of Wanda Ventham

    Wanda Ventham Cast

  19. Photo of Jerold Wells

    Jerold Wells Cast

  20. Photo of Jack Rodney

    Jack Rodney Cast

  21. Photo of Tutte Lemkow

    Tutte Lemkow Cast

  22. Photo of Richard Leech

    Richard Leech Cast

  23. Photo of Robert Shaw

    Robert Shaw Cast

  24. Photo of Terry Brooks

    Terry Brooks Cast

  25. Photo of Sheila Holt

    Sheila Holt Cast

  26. Photo of Tom Gillis

    Tom Gillis Cast

  27. Photo of Harry Waxman

    Harry Waxman Cinematography

  28. Photo of Ron Goodwin

    Ron Goodwin Music

  29. Photo of Anthony Masters

    Anthony Masters Production Design

  30. Photo of W.A. Whittaker

    W.A. Whittaker Producer

  31. Photo of Richard Best

    Richard Best Editing