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  1. Brotherdeacon's rating of the film The Creatures

    “It is difficult to form a judgment of a film in which the true and the false, the true-false and the false-true, are intermingled according to barely perceived rules.”--Truffaut writing on another Agnes Varda film, La Pointe Courte (1955), which I believe applies to Les Creatures as well, although the difficulty mentioned is our method of receiving potent rewards.

  2. Diderot's rating of the film The Creatures

    One of Varda's most formally playful narrative movies, with an underused Deneuve.

  3. Adam M's rating of the film The Creatures

    Delightful at times, maddening at others.

  4. Eric Rucker's rating of the film The Creatures

    Are they in purgatory after dying in the car crash? And then reincarnated as a crabby baby? Is the wife alive, or his imaginary friend? Is it all a novel? Regardless, Varda letting us watch over her shoulder as she sketches with a pencil, erases, corrects, writes alternate paragraphs in the margins. Brimming with film magic, knitted tighter even as it fragments. I found it refreshing to hear modern music as a score!

  5. Crystal's rating of the film The Creatures

    As a loving couple acclimate to their new home, the husband encounters some troubled townspeople. The town is thrust into turmoil with the only clues being magical medallions. Situations intensify once a local evil has come out of hiding. A game of wits then begins and the stakes are high. The husband must play to maintain peace in the town, fix things gone wrong, and for his wife's very life.

  6. Corey's rating of the film The Creatures

    Imaginative and creative. Perhaps one of my favorites of the New Wave. I loved the chess match that directed the actions of the characters.

  7. Monkey Flix's rating of the film The Creatures

    Not weird enough to be good.

  8. David R Williams's rating of the film The Creatures

    New York Times review from 1966:

  9. Honeychurch's rating of the film The Creatures

    i was with it until that stupid endless "board game" came out... yawn. thank god for Nino Castelnuovo and his shirt.

  10. Mtume Gant's rating of the film The Creatures

    Unlike anything I would have expected from Varda's catalog. Gripping, even when it didn't totally feel like it worked. The camera movement to the theatricalized acting to the total stream of consciousness storytelling keep this piece one of a kind. Amazing to think this film was hated by critics. 4.5

  11. Nick Potter's rating of the film The Creatures

    Perhaps the most surreal-feeling film that isn't actually surreal. Varda's imaginative work here is terrific, and the core idea (once revealed) is endlessly fascinating.

  12. Slappy McGee's rating of the film The Creatures

    (3.5 stars) That was straight up trippy! Kinda cool, actually. Not sure it's meant to be fully understood, and that's fine. Quite experimental in many ways. Some cool images and odd ideas that I dug. The only thing I HATED were those dreadful violins screeching constantly at various times. Made some scenes unwatchable. Eventually I just began muting it when they started up. But otherwise... pretty intriguing stuff.

  13. Henri de Corinth's rating of the film The Creatures

    Loved this up until the 'Wizard of Oz' reveal halfway through. It's fun to watch but I wish things had stayed a mystery.

  14. Eric Eidelstein's rating of the film The Creatures

    Not my favorite Varda, but a really interesting exercise nonetheless.

  15. Kevin's rating of the film The Creatures

    The thing I liked best about this early Varda film is its use of the everyday to show science fiction. Her use of everything around to tell a story at once sarcastic next romantic is something only Varda can do. Like an avant garde filmmaker in Free Radicals. Attending an avant garde seminar in Paris, on the stage, the avant garde filmmaker and Agnes Varda. Varda got all the attention... she told a story.

  16. Jørgen Lien's rating of the film The Creatures

  17. Zineu Simionato's rating of the film The Creatures

    Love the use of imagery and how fantasy and reality are portrayed in this. The chess board scene made me more and more involved. Agnès Varda birth, death and rebirth as it's finest.

  18. simaluca's rating of the film The Creatures

    Agnes Varda no início da sua carreira a ensaiar um agradável exercício sobre a criação, numa refrescante mescla entre a realidade e a ficção, com Michel Piccoli e Catherine Deneuve.

  19. Dominic Rainsford's rating of the film The Creatures

    Surreal; very odd; in the end quite absorbing. Seems to invent a kind of virtual reality gaming.

  20. EdieEmm's rating of the film The Creatures

    If Varda is unmatched in her prolific originality, donning genres, like so many hats, with irrepressible wit and whimsy, The Creatures is perhaps evidence of the 'cost' side of that ledger. A film so clearly worth more (and more serious) attention than it was given that no amount of style or cleverness can avert the sense of impending dissatisfaction that sets in at least halfway through... Meh.

  21. Julia Lesmister's rating of the film The Creatures

    I think a good double bill would be this intriguing Varda film and Bergman's Hour of the Wolf.

  22. tintinmugshot's rating of the film The Creatures

  23. Emily O's rating of the film The Creatures

  24. suede's rating of the film The Creatures

    5/10. A curiosity... 1. Narratively, this is experimental stuff. 2. Visually, too: everything's in whitewashed b/w. 3. Aurally, atonal music sets the tone. Love (3); am open for (1), (2). But the script & its characters bored the living hell out of me. — Big exception and lasting image: vulnerable, kind, and loving Deneuve, using a child's drawing board to communicate as she struggles with muteness.

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