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  1. Photo of Adrian Vitoria

    Adrian Vitoria Director and Screenplay

  2. Photo of Kevin Sampson

    Kevin Sampson Screenplay

  3. Photo of Stephen Graham

    Stephen Graham Cast

  4. Photo of Scot Williams

    Scot Williams Cast

  5. Photo of Rory McCann

    Rory McCann Cast

  6. Photo of Kenny Doughty

    Kenny Doughty Cast

  7. Photo of Rosie Fellner

    Rosie Fellner Cast

  8. Photo of Ian Brady

    Ian Brady Producer and Screenplay

  9. Photo of Emmanuel Girod

    Emmanuel Girod Producer

  10. Photo of Elaine Grainger

    Elaine Grainger Producer

  11. Photo of David Hayman

    David Hayman Producer

  12. Photo of Arnaud Lannic

    Arnaud Lannic Producer

  13. Photo of Julien Leonard

    Julien Leonard Producer

  14. Photo of Sarah Peters

    Sarah Peters Producer

  15. Photo of Rafael Quintian

    Rafael Quintian Executive Producer

  16. Photo of Stephen Salter

    Stephen Salter Producer

  17. Photo of James Edward Barker

    James Edward Barker Music

  18. Photo of Mark Hamilton

    Mark Hamilton Cinematography

  19. Photo of Justinian Buckley

    Justinian Buckley Editing

  20. Photo of Vanessa Hawkins

    Vanessa Hawkins Production Design

  21. Photo of Philip Olivier

    Philip Olivier Cast

  22. Photo of Tim Dantay

    Tim Dantay Cast

  23. Photo of Neil Bell

    Neil Bell Cast

  24. Photo of Raza Jaffrey

    Raza Jaffrey Cast

  25. Photo of Mem Ferda

    Mem Ferda Cast

  26. Photo of Francis Magee

    Francis Magee Cast

  27. Photo of John Gillon

    John Gillon Cast

  28. Photo of Alison Cain

    Alison Cain Cast

  29. Photo of Ryan Orr

    Ryan Orr Cast