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  1. Photo of Luis Buñuel

    Luis Buñuel Director, Screenplay

  2. Photo of Roberto Figueroa

    Roberto Figueroa Executive Producer

  3. Photo of Alfonso Patiño Gómez

    Alfonso Patiño Gómez Producer

  4. Photo of Eduardo Ugarte

    Eduardo Ugarte Screenplay

  5. Photo of Rodolfo Usigli

    Rodolfo Usigli Screenplay

  6. Photo of Agustín Jiménez

    Agustín Jiménez Cinematography

  7. Photo of Ernesto Alonso

    Ernesto Alonso Cast

  8. Photo of Miroslava

    Miroslava Cast

  9. Photo of Rita Macedo

    Rita Macedo Cast

  10. Photo of Ariadna Welter

    Ariadna Welter Cast

  11. Photo of Andrea Palma

    Andrea Palma Cast

  12. Photo of Rodolfo Landa

    Rodolfo Landa Cast

  13. Photo of José María Linares-Rivas

    José María Linares-Rivas Cast

  14. Photo of Leonor Llausás

    Leonor Llausás Cast

  15. Photo of Eva Calvo

    Eva Calvo Cast

  16. Photo of Jorge Bustos

    Jorge Bustos Editing

  17. Photo of Pablo Gómez

    Pablo Gómez Editing

  18. Photo of Jorge Pérez

    Jorge Pérez Music

  19. Photo of Jesús Bracho

    Jesús Bracho Production Design