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  1. Emrys's rating of the film The Crown

    Season 1 gets 5 / 5 stars from me. Season 2 is even better. Extraordinarily good cinematic storytelling, continuing to raise the bar of episodic tv. Claire Foy was so good in the role.

  2. Joana China's rating of the film The Crown

    i didn't know i could care about the humanity and frailty of monarchs. maybe it's just because of claire foy's brilliance.

  3. guillermo's rating of the film The Crown

    I saw this because UK history is so interesting. The series became even more interesting chapter after chapter. How beautiful is Claire Foy.

  4. Anne Jezini's rating of the film The Crown

    O carisma de Clare Foy e a sutileza do desenrolar dos fatos com a qual é transmitida os altos e baixos da Coroa a tornam uma série para chamar de favorita. A linearidade emocional da rainha é um show a parte.

  5. pluviosity's rating of the film The Crown

    A bit too dramatic, y'know the cliched 'pulling out all dirty laundry of the Royals'. But it's not too bad, and John Lithgow is really astonishing. All I'm worrying is if this going to be a six-season series, would they finally got into Lady Di story? ...the Naomi Watts' traumatic biopic made me cringing just to imagine it.

  6. Erica Narduzzi's rating of the film The Crown

    Ho sempre amato i film sulla famiglia reale inglese: Elizabeth, Il discorso del re, The Queen, L'altra donna del re, The young Victoria...questa serie tv non è da meno. Gli intrighi, le regole da seguire, le decisioni da prendere, le difficoltà nascoste dal lusso e un bel sorriso per i media. Non si può mai essere certi di quanto sia storia e quanto romanzo, ma questa serie tv mi ha tenuto incollata allo schermo.

  7. Jeremy Ashlyn's rating of the film The Crown

  8. Diogo Sousa's rating of the film The Crown

  9. RumbleFish's rating of the film The Crown

    Calmo, coinvolgente e con dei bei dialoghi

  10. Isaac Blaine Suttle's rating of the film The Crown

    The filmmaking craftsmanship on display in 'The Crown' is exceptional. From acting, directing, cinematography, production design, ect. - it all comes together to give a truly immersive viewing experience. This is television at its most compelling.

  11. James Mackin's rating of the film The Crown

    I went into this series expecting either history and modernity as seen from the eyes of a monarch, or a woman and her family trapped by an ageing, useless system that parades them around as an ideal. This series tried to do a bit both, and was only marginally successful at either. That said, it's alright.

  12. evolveris's rating of the film The Crown

    A rare and wonderful sense of restraint hovering all over it.

  13. V.S. Luoma-aho's rating of the film The Crown

    Well it is quite smashingly executed, truly posh. I heard it cost a ton plus people are sore that their parents' and grandparents' low to middle class post-war misery was shrugged away by focusing on a king's lung cancer. Be that as it may, I enjoyed this one immensely. Great writing, excellent acting. The machinations of the English crown - white man's escapism par excellence.