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Man Eating Tiger On The Loose

His most colorful, maybe. His most musical, yes. Along with every emotion there’s a balance of sound; for example, when there is death, there is silence & when there is motion there is music. Secondly, there’s nothing unnecessary in this film. Wes Anderson with friends have mastered the art of the controlled avalanche. We are never asking questions during this Cassavetes-esque adventure. The film never says it takes place in India until Peter calls his worried wife in the latter part of the film, It is quite clear by the first scene, so the film is clear, intriguing but never alienating despite the freedom with money every character has. As you see, The Darjeeling Limited breaks barriers. At the very least we should watch this four times. Once to watch Jack, second time for Peter, third time for Francis, and fourth to watch the wonderful background. The Darjeeling Limited is a comfortable and poetic escape.