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  1. Photo of Judd Nelson

    Judd Nelson Cast

  2. Photo of Bill Paxton

    Bill Paxton Cast

  3. Photo of Wayne Newton

    Wayne Newton Cast

  4. Photo of Lara Flynn Boyle

    Lara Flynn Boyle Cast

  5. Photo of James Caan

    James Caan Cast

  6. Photo of Rob Lowe

    Rob Lowe Cast

  7. Photo of King Moody

    King Moody Cast

  8. Photo of Claudia Christian

    Claudia Christian Cast

  9. Photo of Tony Cox

    Tony Cox Cast

  10. Photo of Billy Bob Thornton

    Billy Bob Thornton Cast

  11. Photo of Carrie Lynn

    Carrie Lynn Cast

  12. Photo of Tom Hodges

    Tom Hodges Cast

  13. Photo of Richard Morrison (II)

    Richard Morrison (II) Cast

  14. Photo of Charles Winkler

    Charles Winkler Cast

  15. Photo of Adam Rifkin

    Adam Rifkin Cast, Director Screenplay

  16. Photo of Scott Goldman

    Scott Goldman Cast

  17. Photo of Joey Forsyte

    Joey Forsyte Cinematography

  18. Photo of Marc David Decker

    Marc David Decker Music

  19. Photo of Sherman Williams

    Sherman Williams Production Design

  20. Photo of Lucy Ann Buffett

    Lucy Ann Buffett Producer

  21. Photo of Ron Diamond

    Ron Diamond Producer

  22. Photo of Cassian Elwes

    Cassian Elwes Producer

  23. Photo of Lisa Lange

    Lisa Lange Producer

  24. Photo of Brad Wyman

    Brad Wyman Producer

  25. Photo of Mark Daniel Jones

    Mark Daniel Jones Executive Producer

  26. Photo of William Talmadge

    William Talmadge Executive Producer

  27. Photo of Randolf Turrow

    Randolf Turrow Executive Producer

  28. Photo of Peter Schink

    Peter Schink Editing

  29. Photo of Alexandria Forster

    Alexandria Forster Costume Design