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  1. Photo of Jeffrey Dell

    Jeffrey Dell Director and Screenplay

  2. Photo of Edward Underdown

    Edward Underdown Cast

  3. Photo of Maxwell Reed

    Maxwell Reed Cast

  4. Photo of Natasha Parry

    Natasha Parry Cast

  5. Photo of William Hartnell

    William Hartnell Cast

  6. Photo of Barbara Murray

    Barbara Murray Cast

  7. Photo of Robert Long

    Robert Long Cast

  8. Photo of Cyril Smith

    Cyril Smith Cast

  9. Photo of Leonard White

    Leonard White Cast

  10. Photo of Ernest White

    Ernest White Cast

  11. Photo of Ernest Haines

    Ernest Haines Cast

  12. Photo of Walter Horsbrugh

    Walter Horsbrugh Cast

  13. Photo of Denis Webb

    Denis Webb Cast

  14. Photo of John Derrick

    John Derrick Cast

  15. Photo of Gerald Anderson

    Gerald Anderson Cast

  16. Photo of Geoffrey Bond

    Geoffrey Bond Cast

  17. Photo of Geoffrey Sumner

    Geoffrey Sumner Cast

  18. Photo of John Singer

    John Singer Cast

  19. Photo of Sam Kydd

    Sam Kydd Cast

  20. Photo of Grace Denbigh Russell

    Grace Denbigh Russell Cast

  21. Photo of David Keir

    David Keir Cast

  22. Photo of Better Cooper

    Better Cooper Cast

  23. Photo of Harry Fowler

    Harry Fowler Cast

  24. Photo of Oscar Quitak

    Oscar Quitak Cast

  25. Photo of Gordon Bell

    Gordon Bell Cast

  26. Photo of John Hewer

    John Hewer Cast

  27. Photo of Eric Cross

    Eric Cross Cinematography

  28. Photo of Hubert Clifford

    Hubert Clifford Music

  29. Photo of George Haslam

    George Haslam Production Design

  30. Photo of Julian Wintle

    Julian Wintle Producer

  31. Photo of Geoffrey Muller

    Geoffrey Muller Editing

  32. Photo of Laurie Clarkson

    Laurie Clarkson Sound

  33. Photo of Richard A. Smith

    Richard A. Smith Sound

  34. Photo of Phyllis Dalton

    Phyllis Dalton Costume Design