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  1. Photo of Eddie Romero

    Eddie Romero Director, Producer Screenplay

  2. Photo of Ricardo Remias

    Ricardo Remias Cinematography

  3. Photo of Christopher de Leon

    Christopher de Leon Cast

  4. Photo of Chat Silayan

    Chat Silayan Cast

  5. Photo of Tetchie Agbayani

    Tetchie Agbayani Cast

  6. Photo of Raoul Aragonn

    Raoul Aragonn Cast

  7. Photo of Apeng Daldal

    Apeng Daldal Cast

  8. Photo of Ruben Rusti

    Ruben Rusti Cast

  9. Photo of Jimmy Santos

    Jimmy Santos Cast

  10. Photo of Yasmin Ayesa

    Yasmin Ayesa Cast

  11. Photo of Greg Lozano

    Greg Lozano Cast

  12. Photo of Johnny Vicar

    Johnny Vicar Cast

  13. Photo of Angelo Ventura

    Angelo Ventura Cast

  14. Photo of Joey Romero

    Joey Romero Cast

  15. Photo of Gil Arceo

    Gil Arceo Cast

  16. Photo of Boy Ybanez

    Boy Ybanez Cast

  17. Photo of Vic Santos

    Vic Santos Cast

  18. Photo of Turko Cervantes

    Turko Cervantes Cast

  19. Photo of Nilda Magdamo

    Nilda Magdamo Cast

  20. Photo of Lemuel Torrevillas

    Lemuel Torrevillas Cast

  21. Photo of Rowena Tiempo Torrevillas

    Rowena Tiempo Torrevillas Cast

  22. Photo of Meg Doromal

    Meg Doromal Cast

  23. Photo of Fely Salve

    Fely Salve Cast

  24. Photo of Gil Bergado

    Gil Bergado Cast

  25. Photo of Marietta de la Cruz

    Marietta de la Cruz Cast

  26. Photo of Ruby Mesina

    Ruby Mesina Cast

  27. Photo of Noel Gallego

    Noel Gallego Cast

  28. Photo of Danny Bustamante

    Danny Bustamante Cast

  29. Photo of George Hilario

    George Hilario Cast

  30. Photo of Ricardo Dumigpi

    Ricardo Dumigpi Cast

  31. Photo of Eddie Sta. Maria

    Eddie Sta. Maria Cast

  32. Photo of Don Escudero Ruben

    Don Escudero Ruben Production Design

  33. Photo of Arthur Nicdao

    Arthur Nicdao Production Design

  34. Photo of Ryan Cayabyab

    Ryan Cayabyab Music

  35. Photo of Gaudencio Barredo

    Gaudencio Barredo Sound

  36. Photo of Vicente Dona

    Vicente Dona Sound

  37. Photo of Leonardo Sta. Maria

    Leonardo Sta. Maria Sound