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  1. Photo of Mário Barroso

    Mário Barroso Cast and Cinematography

  2. Photo of Teresa Madruga

    Teresa Madruga Cast

  3. Photo of Luís Miguel Cintra

    Luís Miguel Cintra Cast

  4. Photo of Diogo Dória

    Diogo Dória Cast

  5. Photo of Canto e Castro

    Canto e Castro Cast

  6. Photo of Ruy de Carvalho

    Ruy de Carvalho Cast

  7. Photo of Nuno Melo

    Nuno Melo Cast

  8. Photo of José Maria Vaz da Silva

    José Maria Vaz da Silva Cast

  9. Photo of Dina Treno

    Dina Treno Cast

  10. Photo of David Ferreira Dias

    David Ferreira Dias Cast

  11. Photo of Zé Branco

    Zé Branco Production Design

  12. Photo of Paulo Branco

    Paulo Branco Producer

  13. Photo of Manoel de Oliveira

    Manoel de Oliveira Editing, Director Screenplay

  14. Photo of Valérie Loiseleux

    Valérie Loiseleux Editing

  15. Photo of Gita Cerveira

    Gita Cerveira Sound

  16. Photo of Dominique Dalmasso

    Dominique Dalmasso Sound