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  1. Photo of John Reinhardt

    John Reinhardt Director

  2. Photo of Robert R. Snody

    Robert R. Snody Producer

  3. Photo of Alfredo La Pera

    Alfredo La Pera Screenplay

  4. Photo of William Miller

    William Miller Cinematography

  5. Photo of Rosita Moreno

    Rosita Moreno Cast

  6. Photo of Tito Lusiardo

    Tito Lusiardo Cast

  7. Photo of Manuel Peluffo

    Manuel Peluffo Cast

  8. Photo of Francisco Flores del Campo

    Francisco Flores del Campo Cast

  9. Photo of José Luis Tortosa

    José Luis Tortosa Cast

  10. Photo of Fernando Adelantado

    Fernando Adelantado Cast

  11. Photo of Carlos Gardel

    Carlos Gardel Music and Cast

  12. Photo of Terig Tucci

    Terig Tucci Music