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Ratings & Reviews

  1. Bob's rating of the film The Deadly Spawn

    The main problem with this flick is that it's too monotonous for your average trash horror. Outside of that, it offers marvelous practical effects, especially when the budget is taken into account. And soundtrack must have been of one the main inspirations for "Stranger Things" theme. Also, selection of the victims is not typical for this kind of movie. Recommendable for fans of representative 80s trash.

  2. rllr's rating of the film The Deadly Spawn

    Every scene takes forever, while it could have been a really cool short. I am not even talking about killing off the prettiest character in this thing...

  3. film_lies101's rating of the film The Deadly Spawn

    'Tremors' bit hard off this one

  4. Polyglot's rating of the film The Deadly Spawn

    Nice little gem of a film that's not just about promiscuous teenagers getting stabbed by a psycho maniac from this decade.

  5. Ryan Clark's rating of the film The Deadly Spawn

    This has to be one of the most inventive horror films I've ever seen. The filmmakers make the most of a low budget by using their imagination, and it's tons of fun to watch. There's a little padding here and there, but overall I was very impressed. The acting is much better than you would expect, the script is clever, and the special effects are great! Everyone involved really put their heart into it, and it shows.