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  1. Photo of Danièle Huillet

    Danièle Huillet Director and Editing

  2. Photo of Jean-Marie Straub

    Jean-Marie Straub Director and Editing

  3. Photo of Klaus Hellwig

    Klaus Hellwig Producer

  4. Photo of Rosy Gockel

    Rosy Gockel Producer

  5. Photo of Dietrich E. Sattler

    Dietrich E. Sattler Screenplay

  6. Photo of Friedrich Hölderlin

    Friedrich Hölderlin Screenplay

  7. Photo of Renato Berta

    Renato Berta Cinematography

  8. Photo of Jean-Paul Toraille

    Jean-Paul Toraille Cinematography

  9. Photo of Giovanni Canfarelli

    Giovanni Canfarelli Cinematography

  10. Photo of Martina Baratta

    Martina Baratta Cast

  11. Photo of Vladimir Baratta

    Vladimir Baratta Cast

  12. Photo of William Berger

    William Berger Cast

  13. Photo of Howard Vernon

    Howard Vernon Cast

  14. Photo of Andreas von Rauch

    Andreas von Rauch Cast

  15. Photo of Louis Hochet

    Louis Hochet Sound

  16. Photo of Georges Vaglio

    Georges Vaglio Sound

  17. Photo of Allessandro Zanon

    Allessandro Zanon Sound

  18. Photo of Giovanna Natili

    Giovanna Natili Costume Design

  19. Photo of Johann Sebastian Bach

    Johann Sebastian Bach Music