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  1. N!nA's rating of the film The Debt

  2. Thomas's rating of the film The Debt

    A captivating web of intrige and espionage. The tension stays cranked right until the final moments. A chilling, underrated thriller.

  3. Dave's rating of the film The Debt

    Underrated espionage thriller. Very good storytelling, in a movie that is expertly paced.

  4. Vinod Narayan's rating of the film The Debt

    Debt is for those who love the Nazi hunter movies.... It is a fictional narrative and so can go one level deeper than actual facts.... is a remake of an earlier Israeli movie.... I think it is ok movie with good performances....

  5. korush's rating of the film The Debt

    گه خوری اضافه

  6. #midweekfilmclub's rating of the film The Debt

    The plot too is overly complicated and in trying to cover every possible aspect of the story, Madden sadly does none of them that well. The film starts and ends with a pair of taught set-pieces, but these stylish book ends prop up over an hour of pretty average filler sadly. The one saving grace, in my opinion, was Jessica Chastain... a solid performance, bettering the lady playing her elder self, Helen Mirren.

  7. W2's rating of the film The Debt

    Oh what might have been. Solids parts, lacks impact and payoff. It would be pleasant to catch on cable TV, sadly I don't have cable and watching it on purpose makes me feel a little bad about myself.

  8. Jye Sherwell's rating of the film The Debt

    Beautiful production. The cinematography was top notch, nice performances, gripping story, and nice direction. Loved it.

  9. BrianFromConcentrate's rating of the film The Debt

    It was slower than I was expecting going in, but I was not disappointed. It was quite a sad story that shows the fear, shame, and sadness that comes with living a lie.

  10. dinoage's rating of the film The Debt

    See the Israeli original. Skip this. You'll thank me later.

  11. MATTEO BITTANTI's rating of the film The Debt

    It reminded me of The Boys from Brazil, sans dobermans and mini-adolfs. On a tangential note, the shot of Jessica Chastain in the plane predates by two years a similar one in Zero Dark Thirty.

  12. jenifferp's rating of the film The Debt

  13. Jack Lineman's rating of the film The Debt

    Why didn't they just break the guy's legs when they had him for so long? I kept on thinking that over and over while watching the film, it drove me crazy.

  14. Astho Baskoro's rating of the film The Debt

    The Debt was smart, remake that actually works. Instead confusing structure, script by its three writers are solid. Also thanks for Madden's intense direction.

  15. Amandio Filipe Moura's rating of the film The Debt

  16. PolarisDiB's rating of the film The Debt

    Between this and Munich, it feels like Hollywood sees a lot of storytelling opportunities about the Mossad whilst not yet feeling comfortable signing off on their actions, which is a good thing except in this case the characters' motivations mixed with the attempt at brutal realism behind their mistakes makes for a messy and mostly unsatisfying result: what has been gained? --PolarisDiB

  17. sami's rating of the film The Debt

    Superb acting across the board and an immensely gripping plot -- the twist took me completely by surprise. Loved it.

  18. rorydean's rating of the film The Debt

    Madden (Shakespeare/Love) takes painterly pace for this espionage thriller told in then/now revelatory slices, moves mountains in quiet, calculated story rooted in actual events. Helen Mirren, Tom Wilkinson & Ciarán Hinds are perfectly matched, charismatic agents opposite younger portraits of them played by Jessica Chastain, Marton Csokas, & Sam Worthington. Smart and effective, solid storytelling keeps you there.

  19. Mathias Palmberg's rating of the film The Debt

    Quite good actually. Some scenes had true suspense but as a whole it didn't really gel for me. It's a shame that Hinds didn't get more screen time.

  20. Effendi Ben Smith-Malick's rating of the film The Debt

    Like Munich. But shitty. And Sam Worthington is in it but there's no robots, so it makes no sense.

  21. Zach Closs's rating of the film The Debt

    Severely underrated espionage thriller. Taut, perfectly paced, beautifully shot and wonderfully acted across the board by two generations of Hollywood's top talents; easily one of my favorite Mirren roles.

  22. Steve's rating of the film The Debt

    What a surprise! Really great film.

  23. Mikhael Tarigan's rating of the film The Debt

    Cold and chilling. The performance > the script

  24. Frederick Avery's rating of the film The Debt

    Perfect movie in my opinion. Flawless acting. Brilliant concept. Beautiful cinematography. The real deal. Excellently paced. A rare "MUST see"

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