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a film which reflects complexity of human being and its existence. it's only 550 mins but contains almost every emotions, ups and downs, moral obligation, philosophy of life and death, sins, etc on daily basis. i felt really small when i saw this.

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Jugu Abraham


The late film director Stanley Kubrick had described Krzysztof Kieslowski’s "Dekalog" (a set of 10 one-hour independent tales, made in 1988) as the only masterpiece he could name in his lifetime. The segment Dekalog 2 is reviewed at

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CinemaHouse Productions


A film that is life changing (whether you are religious or not). Each episode gave an impression of how real people, real adults behave in real life and what moral challenges lie ahead. The Ten Commandments do not pose as restrictions (or rules) but rather giving a reflection of people conflicted with these problems. A true piece of art by a master of Polish cinema, showing how we are only human.

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Trevor D. Jun Kwong


This is one of the first films I saw where huge, grand philosophical themes were placed into events that happen every day. These themes of God, sin, faith, existence, meaning, etc., didn't just occur in books--Kieslowski showed me that they occur with my actual life, actions, and relationships. And he does this by always having people and their emotions at the core of these themes.

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Daniel Paul


art of narration at it's best. stunning!

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Such accomplished cinematography (except 'the yellow one'), precious formalism, and perfect moments of human truth in his actors; yet so often with Kieslowski I find myself supremely irritated or just plain bored by his sanctimonious Catholic coldness - in a way he represents a conflict I have with my own Polishness. To quote David Thomson: ''those films seem to think they're perfect, and I want to scream''.

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joey Noodles


would it be a better idea to watch this before Berlin Alexanderplatz? Replies would be much appreciated

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    The chronological order is the ever the best

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Probably one of the greatest achievements in cinema

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" God is very simple, if you have faith. "

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A lateral exploration of the Ten Commandments, framing each through 20th century scenarios involving the troubled, intermingling denizens of a Warsaw apartment complex. The episodes are all slow-burners, with the piece overall being more understated still than Kieslowski’s celebrated '90s works which followed this international breakthrough; but each in turn quietly builds towards powerful, morally weighty conclusions, consistently providing food for thought.

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Better than the bible. Episode One broke me when the crowd kneels beside the pond. Kieslowski is exploring so much here, making us feel and consider so much, it's impossible to conceptualize or describe adequately. Just see it if life, love, and existence mean anything to you.

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Over 20 years old, Krzysztof Kieslowski's famous modern interpretation of the Ten Commandments in 'The Decalogue' ('Dekalog', 1989) has lost none of its dramatic power and universal, humanistic appeal. Read my full review of Dekalog 1:

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There's nothing I can say about this that hasn't already been said, really. Phenomenal on so many levels. I don't think any other show made for TV has been this cinematic in feel.

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Krzysztof Kieślowski said himself he doesn't believe in the "Power of Film" then what the hell did I feel when I watched all 10 episodes with the span of a month? Was it God Himself talking to me? Was it the Creator? Supreme Being? Was it me relating to the pains of other Human beings? Please watch this series you'll have deep philosophical debates with your friends/family. I loved the subtle piano music also.

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Some of the wonder of this series was the fact that so many truly fascinating and complex tales in one solid collection. One wouldn't expect to find this much to sort through in your average made-for-tv mix. As per usual the use of colour as well as music is exquisite. So much to digest.

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eric gould


Warsaw residents seemingly losing grasp of their moral compass or are struggling to find it populate Krzysztof Kieslowski's landmark film Dekalog. At its center, the characters who live in and around a concrete flat block during a bitter winter reveal urban dramas inspired from the Ten Commandments. Rather than offering a black and white view, Kieslowski prefers to depict their human folly set against a nuanced gray.

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Lights in the Dusk


The series, like the tower block, is full of stories. These characters, sometimes lost, sometimes needy, sometimes locked in solitude, have their tales to tell. Some are more interesting than others, but each episode communicates something, a thought or a feeling; something 'human'. Of course, it should be listed here as ten separate films, rather than one, but it's no big deal. The third episode is my favourite...

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Safa Topal


Speechles masterpiece! Kieslowski is a genius.

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Dionisius Amendola


‎"What distinguishes a good poet from a bad one is whether he has seen things as they are and learned to distinguish the superficial from the profound." - Allan Bloom