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  1. Dan Kenneth Gigernes's rating of the film A Decent Woman

    Probably the best nudist colony / Free sex community movie that we will ever get. Beautifully filmed, relaxingly acted and believable. Ends up in a very dark place that comes from nowhere but feels right at home too in our world where we do not accept our own bodies and other people that have a different lifestyle.

  2. FISCHER's rating of the film A Decent Woman

    Malgré une respectable interprétation des principaux acteurs, l'ensemble finit par provoquer une léthargie voire une lassitude de par un scénario insipide et languissant qu'un stupide dénouement forcené qui ne fait que confirmer, sans appel et sans rémission, l'inutilité et la banalité d'une réalisation informelle rarement maîtrisée...

  3. Seesaw's rating of the film A Decent Woman

    It is murderous trash. Supported by Jeonju Film Festival where extreme leftist who think killing bourgeois is justifiable.

  4. G.'s rating of the film A Decent Woman

    Prescient; an insane collaboration and terrific soundtrack.

  5. Jenny Coldpussy's rating of the film A Decent Woman

    I was really enjoying the cruel mocking of the artificial people inside the electric fence and the poetic celebration of the artificially natural people outside of it, until the final segment. I could have loved this film if it only hadn't, like many failed attempts at a revolution, taken the easy way out and resort to violence.

  6. Richard Tines's rating of the film A Decent Woman

    Bored, listless proles unite! We have nothing to lose but our fearful fear and Judeo-Christian body shame! p.s. was NOT expecting the climax at ALL...i thought nudists=hippies=peaceful...the sparrows were a dead foreshadowing....

  7. Funda Can Çuvalcı's rating of the film A Decent Woman

    The two controversial life styles are juxtaposed with the central "decent woman". It also highly reminded me of Lanthimos's earlier works with its cool, distant, satirical, critical type of humour.

  8. Arunn's rating of the film A Decent Woman

    More pretentious than humorous. Promising start with believable characters that devolved and meandered into a stupid farce of an end. May be thats the idea, but that could have been told in a much shorter time. As expressed, the movie only outraged my rational expectation for some meaningful conclusion with a lack of it in an utterly insincere way, reminding myself of the wasted time.

  9. lucisand's rating of the film A Decent Woman

    interesting idea but the movie is not properly developed, in my opinion. it always seems that something is going to happen... but nothing happens. also the "sex thing" seems to be left undone. it is too slow... and then suddenly that final? just to finish the movie? i don't get it.

  10. Richard Bolisay's rating of the film A Decent Woman

    It didn't quite get there as I thought it would. Not much insight on class/divide or politics and relies heavily on the surface peculiarity/attraction of nudism. I can imagine this concept sounds good on paper, but in film it's doesn't go too far.

  11. Lazlo Pearlman's rating of the film A Decent Woman

    Wonderfully deadpan and increasingly grotesque (in the best sense).

  12. captainfez's rating of the film A Decent Woman

    I didn't think nudism could be uninteresting but here we are.

  13. Thivai's rating of the film A Decent Woman

    It was refreshing to see a film that explored free-thinking people exploring their selves and their bodies (and the wide assortment of bodies-all equal and fascinating). Such a powerful film until they waste all of the energy built up in a useless and pointless ending (maybe they were trying to give us a tantric lesson?)

  14. Camila Pardo Cerezo's rating of the film A Decent Woman

    No encuentro el punto de comparación con Yorgos Lanthimos como lo sugiere la sección de " Por qué verla". La película tiene una resolución rebuscada e injustificada, pero si se siente un estilo y una propuesta interesante de contar la anécdota.

  15. Jason's rating of the film A Decent Woman

    W/ its increasingly twisted deadpan humour and preponderance of static medium shots, comparisons of A DECENT WOMAN to the early films of Lanthimos makes sense, but it is definitely its own oddball thing. Juxtaposes a world of circumscribed work and soulless drudgery w/ an idyllic drop-out life of cast off clothes and cares. It gets dark. How dark? I don't want to give too much away, but a revolution is not a picnic.

  16. Creighton Blinn's rating of the film A Decent Woman

    I was all set to give this intriguing film 3 stars until I got to the end. I didn't feel that the violence was at all earned -- came off as gimmicky shock-tactics. So, I guess the comparison to Lanthimos works . . .

  17. David R Williams's rating of the film A Decent Woman

    The bleakest of black comedies. A bit slow to start but once it get there. I also think an exploration of the variations of the human body and with a nod perhaps to Cronenberg that all flesh is erotic flesh.

  18. mis marg's rating of the film A Decent Woman

    I was enjoying the serenity... then all heck bust loose . so not a 5. Beautiful place,very meditative.

  19. Gino Eelen's rating of the film A Decent Woman

    I have absolutely no idea what to think of this one. Which, I guess, makes it worth watching. Or maybe not. I have absolutely no idea.

  20. vivi premiere's rating of the film A Decent Woman

  21. Draughtsman Without Contract's rating of the film A Decent Woman

    Frustrating because this builds really well and then goes wildly off the rails.

  22. ArkenUltor's rating of the film A Decent Woman

    Well worth the watch for the ending alone. A slow and quiet film that is relaxing to watch. Interesting to watch the progression of the main character as she healed and opened up. I would rather be living in that camp than the uptight house she worked in.

  23. Phil's rating of the film A Decent Woman

    Its quite boring - the "joke" is that a miserable woman spends time with nudists when she's not being miserable.

  24. Kevin Matthews's rating of the film A Decent Woman

    Belen (Iride Mockert) is a housemaid in a nice household, and her life soon starts to become irrevocably altered when she discovers a nearby nudist swingers club. Passions and freedoms create friction when juxtaposed alongside the more orderly and permitted lifestyles, leading to a surprising finale, albeit one that lacks any real impact.

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