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  1. Photo of Bret Easton Ellis

    Bret Easton Ellis Director, Screenplay Executive Producer

  2. Photo of Kurt Lustgarten

    Kurt Lustgarten Screenplay

  3. Photo of Nash Grier

    Nash Grier Cast

  4. Photo of Madeline Brewer

    Madeline Brewer Cast

  5. Photo of Amanda Cerny

    Amanda Cerny Cast

  6. Photo of Spencer Neville

    Spencer Neville Cast

  7. Photo of Ian Nelson

    Ian Nelson Cast

  8. Photo of Daniel Zovatto

    Daniel Zovatto Cast

  9. Photo of Will Peltz

    Will Peltz Cast

  10. Photo of Todd Maurer

    Todd Maurer Cast

  11. Photo of Michael Marius Pessah

    Michael Marius Pessah Cinematography

  12. Photo of Nick Bassett

    Nick Bassett Music

  13. Photo of Tamaryn Brown

    Tamaryn Brown Music

  14. Photo of Sara Millán

    Sara Millán Production Design

  15. Photo of Ross Levine

    Ross Levine Executive Producer

  16. Photo of Braxton Pope

    Braxton Pope Executive Producer

  17. Photo of Joe Carugati

    Joe Carugati Editing

  18. Photo of Nate Katz

    Nate Katz Editing

  19. Photo of Natalia Barzilai

    Natalia Barzilai Costume Design