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  1. Photo of Robert Kurtzman

    Robert Kurtzman Director and Screenplay

  2. Photo of Brian DiMuccio

    Brian DiMuccio Screenplay

  3. Photo of Anne Kurtzman

    Anne Kurtzman Screenplay

  4. Photo of Dino Vindeni

    Dino Vindeni Screenplay

  5. Photo of Robert E. Baruc

    Robert E. Baruc Executive Producer

  6. Photo of John Fremes

    John Fremes Executive Producer

  7. Photo of Donald P. Borchers

    Donald P. Borchers Producer

  8. Photo of Shawn Patterson

    Shawn Patterson Music

  9. Photo of Marcus Hahn

    Marcus Hahn Cinematography

  10. Photo of Paolo Mazzucato

    Paolo Mazzucato Editing

  11. Photo of Charley Cabrera

    Charley Cabrera Production Design

  12. Photo of Nicole Eggert

    Nicole Eggert Cast

  13. Photo of Bruce Abbott

    Bruce Abbott Cast

  14. Photo of Susan Tyrrell

    Susan Tyrrell Cast

  15. Photo of Peter Jason

    Peter Jason Cast

  16. Photo of Andras Jones

    Andras Jones Cast

  17. Photo of Richard Grieco

    Richard Grieco Cast

  18. Photo of Tom Savini

    Tom Savini Cast

  19. Photo of Greg Nicotero

    Greg Nicotero Cast

  20. Photo of Bruce Campbell

    Bruce Campbell Cast