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  1. Photo of Donald G. Jackson

    Donald G. Jackson Director, Editing, Producer Screenplay

  2. Photo of Gunnar Hansen

    Gunnar Hansen Cast

  3. Photo of Val Mayerik

    Val Mayerik Cast

  4. Photo of Christmas Robbins

    Christmas Robbins Cast

  5. Photo of Tom Hutton

    Tom Hutton Cast

  6. Photo of David J. Howard

    David J. Howard Cast

  7. Photo of Susan Bullen

    Susan Bullen Cast

  8. Photo of Phil Foreman

    Phil Foreman Cast

  9. Photo of Linda Conrad

    Linda Conrad Cast

  10. Photo of Ron Hively

    Ron Hively Cast

  11. Photo of Sonny Bell

    Sonny Bell Cast

  12. Photo of Carol Lasowski

    Carol Lasowski Cast

  13. Photo of Michael McGivern

    Michael McGivern Cast

  14. Photo of Jan Porter

    Jan Porter Cast

  15. Photo of Kathy Stewart

    Kathy Stewart Cast

  16. Photo of Jeff Kreines

    Jeff Kreines Cinematography

  17. Photo of Don Gutz

    Don Gutz Music

  18. Photo of Jerry Skolasinski

    Jerry Skolasinski Music

  19. Photo of Jerry Younkins

    Jerry Younkins Producer, Screenplay, Director Editing

  20. Photo of Bob Russell

    Bob Russell Executive Producer

  21. Photo of Bryan Greenberg

    Bryan Greenberg Editing

  22. Photo of Dennis Skotak

    Dennis Skotak Editing

  23. Photo of Robert Skotak

    Robert Skotak Editing