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  1. - Caltiki -'s rating of the film The Den

  2. tverderesi's rating of the film The Den

    Chat Roulette meets found footage and the results couldn't have been more boring. The style that tries to portrait is even worse with its shaky cameras and low res webcams. Completely passable.

  3. ughchenausea's rating of the film The Den

  4. Gustavo Razera's rating of the film The Den

    Seen completely through computer screens or webcam feeds, in a radicalization of the aesthetics of De Palma's Redacted, this new twist on the found-footage horror genre brings to mind Haneke's Funny Games in the sense that desensitized people can be entertained by the filmed torture and murder of others - though in Haneke's case the criticism was explicitly aimed at regular viewers who get off on violent thrillers.

  5. Diego Carrera's rating of the film The Den

    The first half works well, but then in the second the film starts to suck big time. Human creatures who don't drop the camera off even when they are being attacked by some mad hallucinated psycho are completely unverisimilar. Someone please make found footage horror filmmakers QUIT IT.

  6. yasdnil's rating of the film The Den

    Pathetic. The Den started so strong with a captivating version of found footage. But that unique style - being told completely through webcam - was its ultimate downfall. As the film progressed, I found myself wondering why the characters were STILL taping themselves. Combined with the eventual action, it was impossible to tell what was going on. I stayed for an explanation, and I didn't get it.

  7. Jeremy Ashlyn's rating of the film The Den

    Just watch first 45 mins & turn it off.