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  1. Photo of Michal Bat-Adam

    Michal Bat-Adam Director and Screenplay

  2. Photo of Fanny Ardant

    Fanny Ardant Cast

  3. Photo of Sharon Alexander

    Sharon Alexander Cast

  4. Photo of Gidi Gov

    Gidi Gov Cast

  5. Photo of Aviva Ger

    Aviva Ger Cast

  6. Photo of Shmuel Vilozni

    Shmuel Vilozni Cast

  7. Photo of Ruth Geller

    Ruth Geller Cast

  8. Photo of Noam Sheriff

    Noam Sheriff Cast

  9. Photo of Yigal Sade

    Yigal Sade Cast

  10. Photo of Moshé Mizrahi

    Moshé Mizrahi Cast

  11. Photo of Nicole Kassell

    Nicole Kassell Cast

  12. Photo of Alona Kimhi

    Alona Kimhi Cast

  13. Photo of Gabi Eldor

    Gabi Eldor Cast

  14. Photo of Dalia Shimko

    Dalia Shimko Cast

  15. Photo of Ruby Porat Shoval

    Ruby Porat Shoval Cast

  16. Photo of Danny Segev

    Danny Segev Cast

  17. Photo of Fabio Conversi

    Fabio Conversi Cinematography

  18. Photo of Alex Cagan

    Alex Cagan Music

  19. Photo of Agathe Berman

    Agathe Berman Producer

  20. Photo of Jacques Kirsner

    Jacques Kirsner Producer

  21. Photo of Hugues Nonn

    Hugues Nonn Producer

  22. Photo of Marek Rozenbaum

    Marek Rozenbaum Producer

  23. Photo of Michèle Cerf

    Michèle Cerf Costume Design

  24. Photo of David Varod

    David Varod Art Department