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  1. Photo of Robert Siodmak

    Robert Siodmak Director and Producer

  2. Photo of Werner Jörg Lüddecke

    Werner Jörg Lüddecke Screenplay

  3. Photo of Will Berthold

    Will Berthold Story

  4. Photo of Claus Holm

    Claus Holm Cast

  5. Photo of Annemarie Düringer

    Annemarie Düringer Cast

  6. Photo of Mario Adorf

    Mario Adorf Cast

  7. Photo of Hannes Messemer

    Hannes Messemer Cast

  8. Photo of Carl Lange

    Carl Lange Cast

  9. Photo of Werner Peters

    Werner Peters Cast

  10. Photo of Walter Janssen

    Walter Janssen Cast

  11. Photo of Peter Carsten

    Peter Carsten Cast

  12. Photo of Wilmut Borell

    Wilmut Borell Cast

  13. Photo of Monika John

    Monika John Cast

  14. Photo of Rose Schäfer

    Rose Schäfer Cast

  15. Photo of Lukas Ammann

    Lukas Ammann Cast

  16. Photo of Karl-Heinz Peters

    Karl-Heinz Peters Cast

  17. Photo of Heinz Beck

    Heinz Beck Cast

  18. Photo of Christa Nielsen

    Christa Nielsen Cast

  19. Photo of Ernst Fritz Fürbringer

    Ernst Fritz Fürbringer Cast

  20. Photo of Georg Lehn

    Georg Lehn Cast

  21. Photo of Margaret Jahnen

    Margaret Jahnen Cast

  22. Photo of Georg Krause

    Georg Krause Cinematography

  23. Photo of Siegfried Franz

    Siegfried Franz Music

  24. Photo of Gottfried Will

    Gottfried Will Production Design and Art Department

  25. Photo of Rolf Zehetbauer

    Rolf Zehetbauer Production Design

  26. Photo of Walter Traut

    Walter Traut Producer

  27. Photo of Claus Hardt

    Claus Hardt Executive Producer

  28. Photo of Walter Boos

    Walter Boos Editing

  29. Photo of Erwin Jennewein

    Erwin Jennewein Sound

  30. Photo of Claudia Hahne-Herberg

    Claudia Hahne-Herberg Costume Design