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  1. Photo of Helmut Käutner

    Helmut Käutner Director and Screenplay

  2. Photo of Walter Koppel

    Walter Koppel Producer

  3. Photo of Georg Hurdalek

    Georg Hurdalek Screenplay

  4. Photo of Gyula Trebitsch

    Gyula Trebitsch Screenplay

  5. Photo of Carl Zuckmayer

    Carl Zuckmayer Screenplay

  6. Photo of Albert Benitz

    Albert Benitz Cinematography

  7. Photo of Curd Jürgens

    Curd Jürgens Cast

  8. Photo of Marianne Koch

    Marianne Koch Cast

  9. Photo of Viktor de Kowa

    Viktor de Kowa Cast

  10. Photo of Karl John

    Karl John Cast

  11. Photo of Eva Ingeborg Scholz

    Eva Ingeborg Scholz Cast

  12. Photo of Harry Meyen

    Harry Meyen Cast

  13. Photo of Bum Krüger

    Bum Krüger Cast

  14. Photo of Paul Westermeier

    Paul Westermeier Cast

  15. Photo of Camilla Spira

    Camilla Spira Cast

  16. Photo of Erica Balqué

    Erica Balqué Cast

  17. Photo of Albert Lieven

    Albert Lieven Cast

  18. Photo of Karl Ludwig Diehl

    Karl Ludwig Diehl Cast

  19. Photo of Beppo Brem

    Beppo Brem Cast

  20. Photo of Werner Fuetterer

    Werner Fuetterer Cast

  21. Photo of Joseph Offenbach

    Joseph Offenbach Cast

  22. Photo of Wolfried Lier

    Wolfried Lier Cast

  23. Photo of Ingrid van Bergen

    Ingrid van Bergen Cast

  24. Photo of Wolfgang Neuss

    Wolfgang Neuss Cast

  25. Photo of Robert Meyn

    Robert Meyn Cast

  26. Photo of Hans Daniel

    Hans Daniel Cast

  27. Photo of Inge Meysel

    Inge Meysel Cast

  28. Photo of Werner Riepel

    Werner Riepel Cast

  29. Photo of Werner Schumacher

    Werner Schumacher Cast

  30. Photo of Gerd Vespermann

    Gerd Vespermann Cast

  31. Photo of Horst Beck

    Horst Beck Cast

  32. Photo of Friedrich Schröder

    Friedrich Schröder Music