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  1. Photo of Jesús Franco

    Jesús Franco Director, Cast Screenplay

  2. Photo of Jean-Claude Carrière

    Jean-Claude Carrière Screenplay

  3. Photo of Antonio Jiménez Escribano

    Antonio Jiménez Escribano Cast

  4. Photo of Guy Mairesse

    Guy Mairesse Cast

  5. Photo of Howard Vernon

    Howard Vernon Cast

  6. Photo of Mabel Karr

    Mabel Karr Cast

  7. Photo of Fernando Montes

    Fernando Montes Cast

  8. Photo of Estella Blain

    Estella Blain Cast

  9. Photo of Marcelo Arroita-Jáuregui

    Marcelo Arroita-Jáuregui Cast

  10. Photo of Cris Huerta

    Cris Huerta Cast

  11. Photo of Alberto Bourbón

    Alberto Bourbón Cast

  12. Photo of Lucía Prador

    Lucía Prador Cast

  13. Photo of Mer Casas

    Mer Casas Cast

  14. Photo of Ana Castor

    Ana Castor Cast

  15. Photo of Rafael Hernández

    Rafael Hernández Cast

  16. Photo of José María Prada

    José María Prada Cast

  17. Photo of Vicente Roca

    Vicente Roca Cast

  18. Photo of Ángela Tamayo

    Ángela Tamayo Cast

  19. Photo of Alejandro Ulloa

    Alejandro Ulloa Cinematography

  20. Photo of Daniel White

    Daniel White Music and Cast

  21. Photo of Antonio Cortés

    Antonio Cortés Production Design

  22. Photo of Michel Safra

    Michel Safra Producer

  23. Photo of Serge Silberman

    Serge Silberman Producer

  24. Photo of Jean Feyte

    Jean Feyte Editing

  25. Photo of Marie-Louise Barberot

    Marie-Louise Barberot Editing