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  1. Photo of Jerry Jameson

    Jerry Jameson Director

  2. Photo of Michael C. Healy

    Michael C. Healy Screenplay

  3. Photo of Michael DeForrest

    Michael DeForrest Screenplay

  4. Photo of Michael Pataki

    Michael Pataki Cast

  5. Photo of Lee de Broux

    Lee de Broux Cast

  6. Photo of Jon Shank

    Jon Shank Cast

  7. Photo of Jessica Stuart

    Jessica Stuart Cast

  8. Photo of Michael Forest

    Michael Forest Cast

  9. Photo of Jo Anne Meredith

    Jo Anne Meredith Cast

  10. Photo of Charles Macaulay

    Charles Macaulay Cast

  11. Photo of Hal England

    Hal England Cast

  12. Photo of Ben Archibek

    Ben Archibek Cast

  13. Photo of William 'Billy' Benedict

    William 'Billy' Benedict Cast

  14. Photo of Uschi Digard

    Uschi Digard Cast

  15. Photo of Howard A. Anderson

    Howard A. Anderson Cinematography

  16. Photo of Paul Carr

    Paul Carr Producer and Cast

  17. Photo of Arthur A. Jacobs

    Arthur A. Jacobs Producer

  18. Photo of Ronald Jacobs

    Ronald Jacobs Executive Producer

  19. Photo of Roger Corman

    Roger Corman Executive Producer

  20. Photo of Byron 'Buzz' Brandt

    Byron 'Buzz' Brandt Editing

  21. Photo of John D. Hall

    John D. Hall Sound

  22. Photo of James G. Stewart

    James G. Stewart Sound

  23. Photo of Clark Will

    Clark Will Sound

  24. Photo of Thomas Hasson

    Thomas Hasson Art Department