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  1. Duque's rating of the film The Dirties

  2. mellaf's rating of the film The Dirties

    Turns out to be not just a school shooting film but a quite clever, dark comedy view of reality coming from a young director. Also coolest ending credits sequences in pretty much a lot of time.

  3. OFF_FRAME's rating of the film The Dirties

    This very clever mockumentary successfully takes the audience deep into the possible background of a high school massacre. It uses black comedy to examine bullying, popularity and the nature of madness while also avoiding the cliche of presenting the perpetrators as purely evil and somehow alien from the rest of us. 3.5 stars

  4. dave gunn's rating of the film The Dirties

    I applaud the unique approach of turning what could have otherwise been "just another school shooting indie film" into a dark comedy. Matt is also the most nonchalant school shooter of all the different films about this subject. I'm not sure how I feel about the abrupt ending quite yet, but I did enjoy this.

  5. Carlos Filipe Freitas's rating of the film The Dirties

    Regardless its faulty execution, at least we can say it was done with the right attitude. Review and Rating:

  6. Sunrise's rating of the film The Dirties

    While not initially unmotivated as satiric 'found footage,' the camera that follows Matt and Owen slowly implies itself as imaginary. Suddenly all winks towards camera (in all shapes and forms) become less a contract with an artist, but one where audience becomes accomplice (and, thus becomes the reference for the film's title). We're just viewing for the bad guys.

  7. msmichel's rating of the film The Dirties

    High school..two young aspiring filmmakers who are bullied relentlessly by a group they refer to as 'the dirties' attempt to strike back cinematically only to find further derision. For one its the breaking point and his revenge fantasies run beyond the two's friendship. Great script and direction by newcomer Johnson that elevates it past many similar endeavours. Incredible homage style credit sequence post film.

  8. definedivine's rating of the film The Dirties

    It reminded me on Van Sant's Elephant, but that The Dirties makes you laugh couple of times, and that building of (eventhough expected, but still) suspense and story is really good. Tough and hard movie, but for lovers of indie movies, this is a must see.

  9. robin's rating of the film The Dirties

    if Kevin Smith said 'this is the most important film of the year' because it's a great example how you can make a small budget film with your friends on a relevant subject and make it work than he's right (and outdated). In every other sense it's a mediocre film, with unconvincing characters, wrong choice of actors (Owen being the only believable enough), and narrative derived like from a cliche newspaper article.

  10. Bill Arceneaux's rating of the film The Dirties

    Kevin Smith isn't incorrect in his "most important movie of the year" proclamation.