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  1. Photo of Phillip Noyce

    Phillip Noyce Director and Screenplay

  2. Photo of George Ogilvie

    George Ogilvie Director

  3. Photo of Carl Schultz

    Carl Schultz Director

  4. Photo of John Power

    John Power Director

  5. Photo of George Miller

    George Miller Screenplay, Director Executive Producer

  6. Photo of Terry Hayes

    Terry Hayes Screenplay and Producer

  7. Photo of Ron Blair

    Ron Blair Screenplay

  8. Photo of Sally Gibson

    Sally Gibson Screenplay

  9. Photo of Daphne Paris

    Daphne Paris Screenplay

  10. Photo of Peter Carroll

    Peter Carroll Cast

  11. Photo of Max Phipps

    Max Phipps Cast

  12. Photo of John Hargreaves

    John Hargreaves Cast

  13. Photo of Bill Hunter

    Bill Hunter Cast

  14. Photo of John Stanton

    John Stanton Cast

  15. Photo of Stewart Faichney

    Stewart Faichney Cast

  16. Photo of John Meillon

    John Meillon Cast

  17. Photo of Ed Devereaux

    Ed Devereaux Cast

  18. Photo of Tom Oliver

    Tom Oliver Cast

  19. Photo of Peter Sumner

    Peter Sumner Cast

  20. Photo of Robyn Nevin

    Robyn Nevin Cast

  21. Photo of Tony Barry

    Tony Barry Cast

  22. Photo of Dennis Miller

    Dennis Miller Cast

  23. Photo of Les Foxcroft

    Les Foxcroft Cast

  24. Photo of Carol Burns

    Carol Burns Cast

  25. Photo of Sean Scully

    Sean Scully Cast

  26. Photo of Ruth Cracknell

    Ruth Cracknell Cast

  27. Photo of Veronica Lang

    Veronica Lang Cast

  28. Photo of David Downer

    David Downer Cast

  29. Photo of Tim Elliott

    Tim Elliott Cast

  30. Photo of Dean Semler

    Dean Semler Cinematography

  31. Photo of Byron Kennedy

    Byron Kennedy Executive Producer

  32. Photo of Sara Bennett

    Sara Bennett Editing

  33. Photo of Richard Francis-Bruce

    Richard Francis-Bruce Editing

  34. Photo of John Hollands

    John Hollands Editing