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  1. Photo of Michael Kann

    Michael Kann Director

  2. Photo of Stefan Kolditz

    Stefan Kolditz Screenplay

  3. Photo of Sylvia Rieger

    Sylvia Rieger Cast

  4. Photo of Jörg Simonides

    Jörg Simonides Cast

  5. Photo of Kirsten Block

    Kirsten Block Cast

  6. Photo of Klaus-Dieter Klebsch

    Klaus-Dieter Klebsch Cast

  7. Photo of Jurgen Watzke

    Jurgen Watzke Cast

  8. Photo of Achim Wolff

    Achim Wolff Cast

  9. Photo of Regina Brandt

    Regina Brandt Cast

  10. Photo of Diana Gaede

    Diana Gaede Cast

  11. Photo of Maximilian Löser

    Maximilian Löser Cast

  12. Photo of Eckhard Becker

    Eckhard Becker Cast

  13. Photo of Margit Bendokat

    Margit Bendokat Cast

  14. Photo of Peter Kalisch

    Peter Kalisch Cast

  15. Photo of Hans Heinrich

    Hans Heinrich Cinematography

  16. Photo of Dieter Adam

    Dieter Adam Production Design

  17. Photo of Rosemarie Drinkorn

    Rosemarie Drinkorn Editing

  18. Photo of Fritz Sommer

    Fritz Sommer Sound

  19. Photo of Jürgen Schneller

    Jürgen Schneller Sound