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  1. Photo of Ted V. Mikels

    Ted V. Mikels Director, Editing, Screenplay Producer

  2. Photo of Jack Richesin

    Jack Richesin Screenplay

  3. Photo of Pam Eddy

    Pam Eddy Screenplay

  4. Photo of Michael Ansara

    Michael Ansara Cast

  5. Photo of Francine York

    Francine York Cast

  6. Photo of Anthony Eisley

    Anthony Eisley Cast

  7. Photo of John Carter

    John Carter Cast

  8. Photo of Lisa Todd

    Lisa Todd Cast

  9. Photo of Rafael Campos

    Rafael Campos Cast

  10. Photo of Tura Satana

    Tura Satana Cast

  11. Photo of Lillian Garrett

    Lillian Garrett Cast

  12. Photo of William Bagdad

    William Bagdad Cast

  13. Photo of Herb Robins

    Herb Robins Cast

  14. Photo of Curt Matson

    Curt Matson Cast

  15. Photo of Leigh Christian

    Leigh Christian Cast

  16. Photo of Bertil Unger

    Bertil Unger Cast

  17. Photo of Gustaf Unger

    Gustaf Unger Cast

  18. Photo of Sherri Vernon

    Sherri Vernon Cast

  19. Photo of Steve Nave

    Steve Nave Cast

  20. Photo of Bret Zeller

    Bret Zeller Cast

  21. Photo of Anthony Salinas

    Anthony Salinas Cinematography

  22. Photo of Nicholas Carras

    Nicholas Carras Music

  23. Photo of Mike McCloskey

    Mike McCloskey Production Design

  24. Photo of William Nipper

    William Nipper Sound

  25. Photo of Scott Spencer

    Scott Spencer Sound