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  1. Photo of Laurice Guillen

    Laurice Guillen Director

  2. Photo of Ricardo Lee

    Ricardo Lee Screenplay

  3. Photo of Vilma Santos

    Vilma Santos Cast

  4. Photo of Christopher de Leon

    Christopher de Leon Cast

  5. Photo of Charito Solis

    Charito Solis Cast

  6. Photo of Jackie Aquino

    Jackie Aquino Cast

  7. Photo of Christine Bersola

    Christine Bersola Cast

  8. Photo of Nonie Buencamino

    Nonie Buencamino Cast

  9. Photo of Maila Gumila

    Maila Gumila Cast

  10. Photo of Mia Gutierrez

    Mia Gutierrez Cast

  11. Photo of Gigette Reyes

    Gigette Reyes Cast

  12. Photo of Eduardo Jacinto

    Eduardo Jacinto Cinematography

  13. Photo of Nonong Buencamino

    Nonong Buencamino Music

  14. Photo of Edgar Martin Littaua

    Edgar Martin Littaua Production Design

  15. Photo of Art R. Ilacad

    Art R. Ilacad Producer

  16. Photo of Orly Ilacad

    Orly Ilacad Executive Producer

  17. Photo of Efren Jarlego

    Efren Jarlego Editing