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  1. Photo of Oliver Stone

    Oliver Stone Director, Screenplay Producer

  2. Photo of Randall Jahnson

    Randall Jahnson Screenplay

  3. Photo of Val Kilmer

    Val Kilmer Cast

  4. Photo of Meg Ryan

    Meg Ryan Cast

  5. Photo of Kevin Dillon

    Kevin Dillon Cast

  6. Photo of Kathleen Quinlan

    Kathleen Quinlan Cast

  7. Photo of Kyle MacLachlan

    Kyle MacLachlan Cast

  8. Photo of Frank Whaley

    Frank Whaley Cast

  9. Photo of Michael Madsen

    Michael Madsen Cast

  10. Photo of Josh Evans

    Josh Evans Cast

  11. Photo of Dennis Burkley

    Dennis Burkley Cast

  12. Photo of Billy Idol

    Billy Idol Cast

  13. Photo of John Densmore

    John Densmore Cast

  14. Photo of Wes Studi

    Wes Studi Cast

  15. Photo of Kelly Hu

    Kelly Hu Cast

  16. Photo of Josie Bissett

    Josie Bissett Cast

  17. Photo of Debi Mazar

    Debi Mazar Cast

  18. Photo of Mimi Rogers

    Mimi Rogers Cast

  19. Photo of Jennifer Rubin

    Jennifer Rubin Cast

  20. Photo of Costas Mandylor

    Costas Mandylor Cast

  21. Photo of Christina Fulton

    Christina Fulton Cast

  22. Photo of Crispin Glover

    Crispin Glover Cast

  23. Photo of Karina Lombard

    Karina Lombard Cast

  24. Photo of Jennifer Tilly

    Jennifer Tilly Cast

  25. Photo of Michael Wincott

    Michael Wincott Cast

  26. Photo of Robert Richardson

    Robert Richardson Cinematography

  27. Photo of Barbara Ling

    Barbara Ling Production Design

  28. Photo of Brian Grazer

    Brian Grazer Producer and Executive Producer

  29. Photo of Nicholas Clainos

    Nicholas Clainos Executive Producer

  30. Photo of Mario Kassar

    Mario Kassar Executive Producer

  31. Photo of Ron Howard

    Ron Howard Executive Producer

  32. Photo of David Brenner

    David Brenner Editing

  33. Photo of Joe Hutshing

    Joe Hutshing Editing