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  1. Photo of Isaki Lacuesta

    Isaki Lacuesta Director and Screenplay

  2. Photo of Isa Campo

    Isa Campo Screenplay

  3. Photo of Bokar Dembele

    Bokar Dembele Cast

  4. Photo of Miquel Barceló

    Miquel Barceló Cast

  5. Photo of Amo Pegnere Dolo

    Amo Pegnere Dolo Cast

  6. Photo of Amassagou Dolo

    Amassagou Dolo Cast

  7. Photo of Alou Cisse

    Alou Cisse Cast

  8. Photo of Hamdoun Kassogue

    Hamdoun Kassogue Cast

  9. Photo of Abinum Dolo

    Abinum Dolo Cast

  10. Photo of Soumaila Sabata

    Soumaila Sabata Cast

  11. Photo of Djenebou Keita

    Djenebou Keita Cast

  12. Photo of Diego Dussuel

    Diego Dussuel Cinematography

  13. Photo of Gerard Gil

    Gerard Gil Music

  14. Photo of Sébastian Birchler

    Sébastian Birchler Production Design

  15. Photo of Luisa Matienzo

    Luisa Matienzo Executive Producer

  16. Photo of Domi Parra

    Domi Parra Editing

  17. Photo of Amanda Villavieja

    Amanda Villavieja Sound

  18. Photo of Juerg von Allmen

    Juerg von Allmen Sound