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  1. Photo of Mario Andreacchio

    Mario Andreacchio Director and Screenplay

  2. Photo of John Armstrong

    John Armstrong Screenplay

  3. Photo of Philip Dalkin

    Philip Dalkin Screenplay

  4. Photo of Ron Saunders

    Ron Saunders Screenplay and Executive Producer

  5. Photo of Sam Neill

    Sam Neill Cast

  6. Photo of Li Lin Jin

    Li Lin Jin Cast

  7. Photo of Louis Corbett

    Louis Corbett Cast

  8. Photo of Ji Wang

    Ji Wang Cast

  9. Photo of Robert Mammone

    Robert Mammone Cast

  10. Photo of Geoffrey Simpson

    Geoffrey Simpson Cinematography

  11. Photo of Frank Strangio

    Frank Strangio Music

  12. Photo of Mark Patterson

    Mark Patterson Producer

  13. Photo of Shan Tam

    Shan Tam Producer

  14. Photo of William W. Wilson III

    William W. Wilson III Producer

  15. Photo of Liu Zhijiang

    Liu Zhijiang Producer

  16. Photo of Xu Yong An

    Xu Yong An Executive Producer

  17. Photo of Charles M. Fries

    Charles M. Fries Executive Producer

  18. Photo of Gao Hai Hao

    Gao Hai Hao Executive Producer

  19. Photo of Graeme Hodge

    Graeme Hodge Executive Producer

  20. Photo of John Hood

    John Hood Executive Producer

  21. Photo of Geoff Rischieth

    Geoff Rischieth Executive Producer

  22. Photo of John Sim

    John Sim Executive Producer

  23. Photo of Jeffrey Sneller

    Jeffrey Sneller Executive Producer

  24. Photo of Suresh Ayyar

    Suresh Ayyar Editing