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  1. Photo of Johanna Pauline Maier

    Johanna Pauline Maier Director, Editing, Cinematography Screenplay

  2. Photo of Robert Musil

    Robert Musil Play

  3. Photo of Anna Daria Fontane

    Anna Daria Fontane Cast

  4. Photo of Jutta Wernicke

    Jutta Wernicke Cast

  5. Photo of Laurent Hervé

    Laurent Hervé Cast

  6. Photo of Rainer Sievert

    Rainer Sievert Cast

  7. Photo of Andreas Simma

    Andreas Simma Cast

  8. Photo of Roger Storp

    Roger Storp Cast

  9. Photo of Otto Muehlethaler

    Otto Muehlethaler Cinematography

  10. Photo of Lorenz Findeisen

    Lorenz Findeisen Sound

  11. Photo of Florelle Prévot

    Florelle Prévot Sound

  12. Photo of Andreas Bolm

    Andreas Bolm Sound