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  1. Anne so's rating of the film The Drifter

    Hello, Please note that the problem has been fixed. We do apologize for the inconvenience. Thank you for your help. With love, MUBI team

  2. citizen_ka's rating of the film The Drifter

    post-marxist berlin, 80's clothes, bad architects' party, call center as efficient machine, rammstein, drinking stuff, photo choreography, psychography of public spaces, urban running, DB, lessons in falling, power horse meeting, mommies' cortège, palm reading, faces of birocratism, life in formulas, and getting out of the city

  3. Sasha's rating of the film The Drifter

    This is great, but does the movie end at 32 minutes for anyone else? Or does it go for the whole 97? I want to see the rest of it.