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  1. Photo of Tewfik Saleh

    Tewfik Saleh Director and Screenplay

  2. Photo of Mohamed Kheir-Halouani

    Mohamed Kheir-Halouani Cast

  3. Photo of Abderrahman Alrahy

    Abderrahman Alrahy Cast

  4. Photo of Bassan Lofti Abou-Ghazala

    Bassan Lofti Abou-Ghazala Cast

  5. Photo of Saleh Kholoki

    Saleh Kholoki Cast

  6. Photo of Thanaa Debsi

    Thanaa Debsi Cast

  7. Photo of Bahgat Heidar

    Bahgat Heidar Cinematography

  8. Photo of Solhi El-Wadi

    Solhi El-Wadi Music

  9. Photo of Farin Dib

    Farin Dib Editing

  10. Photo of Saheb Haddad

    Saheb Haddad Editing

  11. Photo of Zoheir Fahmy

    Zoheir Fahmy Sound