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  1. Photo of Chang Ren-chieh

    Chang Ren-chieh Director

  2. Photo of Lieh Lo

    Lieh Lo Cast

  3. Photo of Lingfeng Shangguan

    Lingfeng Shangguan Cast

  4. Photo of Fang Fang

    Fang Fang Cast

  5. Photo of Chang Yi

    Chang Yi Cast

  6. Photo of Le Chao

    Le Chao Cast

  7. Photo of Ching Hsia Chiang

    Ching Hsia Chiang Cast

  8. Photo of Jih Chiang

    Jih Chiang Cast

  9. Photo of Hsiao Chiao

    Hsiao Chiao Cast

  10. Photo of Fu Chiang Chi

    Fu Chiang Chi Cast

  11. Photo of Ching Kuo Chung

    Ching Kuo Chung Cast

  12. Photo of Yuan Chuan

    Yuan Chuan Cast