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  1. Photo of Aleksander Ford

    Aleksander Ford Director and Screenplay

  2. Photo of Marek Hłasko

    Marek Hłasko Screenplay

  3. Photo of Sonja Ziemann

    Sonja Ziemann Cast

  4. Photo of Zbigniew Cybulski

    Zbigniew Cybulski Cast

  5. Photo of Barbara Polomska

    Barbara Polomska Cast

  6. Photo of Ilse Steppat

    Ilse Steppat Cast

  7. Photo of Emil Karewicz

    Emil Karewicz Cast

  8. Photo of Bum Krüger

    Bum Krüger Cast

  9. Photo of Tadeusz Lomnicki

    Tadeusz Lomnicki Cast

  10. Photo of Jan Swiderski

    Jan Swiderski Cast

  11. Photo of Zbigniew Wójcik

    Zbigniew Wójcik Cast

  12. Photo of Wladyslaw Dewoyno

    Wladyslaw Dewoyno Cast

  13. Photo of Roman Hubczenko

    Roman Hubczenko Cast

  14. Photo of Leon Niemczyk

    Leon Niemczyk Cast

  15. Photo of Janusz Sciwiarski

    Janusz Sciwiarski Cast

  16. Photo of Jerzy Lipman

    Jerzy Lipman Cinematography

  17. Photo of Igor Oberberg

    Igor Oberberg Cinematography

  18. Photo of Kazimierz Serocki

    Kazimierz Serocki Music

  19. Photo of Roman Mann

    Roman Mann Production Design

  20. Photo of Anatol Radzinowicz

    Anatol Radzinowicz Production Design

  21. Photo of Lech Zahorski

    Lech Zahorski Production Design

  22. Photo of Halina Prugar-Ketling

    Halina Prugar-Ketling Editing