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  1. Photo of Chantal Akerman

    Chantal Akerman Director and Screenplay

  2. Photo of Jean Gruault

    Jean Gruault Screenplay

  3. Photo of Marilyn Watelet

    Marilyn Watelet Executive Producer

  4. Photo of Marc Hérouet

    Marc Hérouet Music

  5. Photo of Michel Houssiau

    Michel Houssiau Cinematography

  6. Photo of Nadine Keseman

    Nadine Keseman Editing

  7. Photo of Francine Sandberg

    Francine Sandberg Editing

  8. Photo of Aischa Bentebouche

    Aischa Bentebouche Cast

  9. Photo of Katherine Best

    Katherine Best Cast

  10. Photo of François Beukelaers

    François Beukelaers Cast

  11. Photo of Daniela Bisconti

    Daniela Bisconti Cast

  12. Photo of Warre Borgmans

    Warre Borgmans Cast

  13. Photo of Anne-Marie Cappelier

    Anne-Marie Cappelier Cast

  14. Photo of Cathy Carrera

    Cathy Carrera Cast

  15. Photo of Amid Chakir

    Amid Chakir Cast

  16. Photo of Eric Châle

    Eric Châle Cast

  17. Photo of Aurore Clément

    Aurore Clément Cast

  18. Photo of Harry Cleven

    Harry Cleven Cast