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  1. Photo of Sydney Pollack

    Sydney Pollack Director

  2. Photo of Robert Garland

    Robert Garland Screenplay

  3. Photo of Shelly Burton

    Shelly Burton Screenplay

  4. Photo of Paul Gaer

    Paul Gaer Screenplay

  5. Photo of David Rayfiel

    David Rayfiel Screenplay

  6. Photo of Robert Redford

    Robert Redford Cast

  7. Photo of Jane Fonda

    Jane Fonda Cast

  8. Photo of Valerie Perrine

    Valerie Perrine Cast

  9. Photo of Willie Nelson

    Willie Nelson Cast

  10. Photo of John Saxon

    John Saxon Cast

  11. Photo of Nicolas Coster

    Nicolas Coster Cast

  12. Photo of Allan Arbus

    Allan Arbus Cast

  13. Photo of Wilford Brimley

    Wilford Brimley Cast

  14. Photo of Will Hare

    Will Hare Cast

  15. Photo of Basil Hoffman

    Basil Hoffman Cast

  16. Photo of Timothy Scott

    Timothy Scott Cast

  17. Photo of James Sikking

    James Sikking Cast

  18. Photo of James Kline

    James Kline Cast

  19. Photo of Lois Hamilton

    Lois Hamilton Cast

  20. Photo of Ray Stark

    Ray Stark Producer

  21. Photo of Dave Grusin

    Dave Grusin Music

  22. Photo of Owen Roizman

    Owen Roizman Cinematography

  23. Photo of Sheldon Kahn

    Sheldon Kahn Editing

  24. Photo of Stephen B. Grimes

    Stephen B. Grimes Production Design