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  1. Photo of Kihachi Okamoto

    Kihachi Okamoto Director

  2. Photo of Toshirô Ide

    Toshirô Ide Screenplay

  3. Photo of Hitomi Yamaguchi

    Hitomi Yamaguchi Screenplay

  4. Photo of Keiju Kobayashi

    Keiju Kobayashi Cast

  5. Photo of Michiyo Aratama

    Michiyo Aratama Cast

  6. Photo of Tatsuyoshi Ehara

    Tatsuyoshi Ehara Cast

  7. Photo of Hiroshi Tachikawa

    Hiroshi Tachikawa Cast

  8. Photo of Akihiko Hirata

    Akihiko Hirata Cast

  9. Photo of Eijirô Tôno

    Eijirô Tôno Cast

  10. Photo of Yuriko Hanabusa

    Yuriko Hanabusa Cast

  11. Photo of Tadao Nakamaru

    Tadao Nakamaru Cast

  12. Photo of Jerry Ito

    Jerry Ito Cast

  13. Photo of Tatsuo Matsumura

    Tatsuo Matsumura Cast

  14. Photo of Hiroko Minami

    Hiroko Minami Cast

  15. Photo of Miki Yashiro

    Miki Yashiro Cast

  16. Photo of Masanari Nihei

    Masanari Nihei Cast

  17. Photo of Teruzo Okawa

    Teruzo Okawa Cast

  18. Photo of Yoshiyuki Uemura

    Yoshiyuki Uemura Cast

  19. Photo of Ren Yamamoto

    Ren Yamamoto Cast

  20. Photo of Hideyo Amamoto

    Hideyo Amamoto Cast

  21. Photo of Naoya Kusakawa

    Naoya Kusakawa Cast

  22. Photo of Akemi Kita

    Akemi Kita Cast

  23. Photo of Toki Shiozawa

    Toki Shiozawa Cast

  24. Photo of Hideo Sunazuka

    Hideo Sunazuka Cast

  25. Photo of Hiroshi Hasegawa

    Hiroshi Hasegawa Cast

  26. Photo of Yasuhisa Tsutsumi

    Yasuhisa Tsutsumi Cast

  27. Photo of Kazuo Suzuki

    Kazuo Suzuki Cast

  28. Photo of Ikio Sawamura

    Ikio Sawamura Cast

  29. Photo of Wataru Omae

    Wataru Omae Cast

  30. Photo of Haruko Tôgô

    Haruko Tôgô Cast

  31. Photo of Yutaka Nakayama

    Yutaka Nakayama Cast

  32. Photo of Akira Wakamatsu

    Akira Wakamatsu Cast

  33. Photo of Sanezumi Fujimoto

    Sanezumi Fujimoto Producer

  34. Photo of Masakatsu Kaneko

    Masakatsu Kaneko Producer

  35. Photo of Masaru Satô

    Masaru Satô Music

  36. Photo of Hiroshi Murai

    Hiroshi Murai Cinematography

  37. Photo of Yoshitami Kuroiwa

    Yoshitami Kuroiwa Editing

  38. Photo of Kyoe Hamagami

    Kyoe Hamagami Production Design

  39. Photo of Fumio Yanoguchi

    Fumio Yanoguchi Sound

  40. Photo of Hisashi Shimonaga

    Hisashi Shimonaga Sound