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  1. Photo of Julia Cort

    Julia Cort Director, Screenplay Producer

  2. Photo of Paula Apsell

    Paula Apsell Executive Producer

  3. Photo of David Hickman

    David Hickman Producer

  4. Photo of Joseph McMaster

    Joseph McMaster Producer, Director Screenplay

  5. Photo of Mike Coles

    Mike Coles Cinematography

  6. Photo of Michael Duff

    Michael Duff Cast

  7. Photo of Michael B. Green

    Michael B. Green Cast

  8. Photo of Brian Greene

    Brian Greene Cast and Screenplay

  9. Photo of Walter Lewin

    Walter Lewin Cast

  10. Photo of Joseph Lykken

    Joseph Lykken Cast

  11. Photo of Amanda Peet

    Amanda Peet Cast

  12. Photo of John Schwarz

    John Schwarz Cast

  13. Photo of Maria Spiropulu

    Maria Spiropulu Cast

  14. Photo of Leonard Susskind

    Leonard Susskind Cast

  15. Photo of Cumrun Vafa

    Cumrun Vafa Cast

  16. Photo of Gabriele Veneziano

    Gabriele Veneziano Cast

  17. Photo of Steven Weinberg

    Steven Weinberg Cast

  18. Photo of Edward Witten

    Edward Witten Cast

  19. Photo of Dick Bartlett

    Dick Bartlett Editing

  20. Photo of Jonathan Sahula

    Jonathan Sahula Editing

  21. Photo of Sabina Sattar

    Sabina Sattar Production Design

  22. Photo of Ed Tomney

    Ed Tomney Music

  23. Photo of Keith Rodgerson

    Keith Rodgerson Sound