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  1. Photo of Edmond Keosayan

    Edmond Keosayan Director and Screenplay

  2. Photo of Pavel Blyakhin

    Pavel Blyakhin Screenplay

  3. Photo of Sergei Yermolinsky

    Sergei Yermolinsky Screenplay

  4. Photo of Viktor Kosykh

    Viktor Kosykh Cast

  5. Photo of Mikhail Metyolkin

    Mikhail Metyolkin Cast

  6. Photo of Vasili Vasilyev

    Vasili Vasilyev Cast

  7. Photo of Valentina Kurdyukova

    Valentina Kurdyukova Cast

  8. Photo of Yefim Kopelyan

    Yefim Kopelyan Cast

  9. Photo of Fyodor Dobronravov

    Fyodor Dobronravov Cinematography

  10. Photo of Boris Mokrousov

    Boris Mokrousov Music

  11. Photo of Vitali Gladnikov

    Vitali Gladnikov Production Design

  12. Photo of Lyudmila Yelyan

    Lyudmila Yelyan Editing

  13. Photo of Artashes Vanetsyan

    Artashes Vanetsyan Sound

  14. Photo of V. Kiselyova

    V. Kiselyova Costume Design