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  1. The Society of Malcontents's rating of the film The Embassy

    'the only lesson to draw is that all political directions have gone bankrupt. no one, whatever its analysis, has prepared us for what we are living now'.

  2. Sin título.'s rating of the film The Embassy

  3. FISCHER's rating of the film The Embassy

    On pense évidemment au Chili et à la prise du pouvoir du général Pinochet, alors que, bien sûr, la situation filmée est adaptable à n'importe quel pays en situation de conflit armé. D'ailleurs les derniers plans donnent une dimension plutôt inquiétante, dans une sphère d'anticipation prémonitoire, au court métrage, qui révèle le vrai lieu de la tragédie...

  4. John Baldwin's rating of the film The Embassy

    The "ugly" quality of the very raw pseudo-cinéma vérité footage becomes beautiful in Marker's hands. The characters -- all of whose dialogue is related by an unseen narrator -- talk and act like Left-wing people everywhere, so this functions as both satire and tragedy. Great Twilight Zone-like twist ending.

  5. Hira's rating of the film The Embassy

  6. letters never sent's rating of the film The Embassy

  7. - Caltiki -'s rating of the film The Embassy

  8. El Biffo's rating of the film The Embassy

    Relatively minor work by Chris Marker, only 21 minutes, is a fictional documentary, but it reminded me of a lot of real life stuff, and in a subtle way, evokes much feeling.

  9. msmichel's rating of the film The Embassy

    Super 8 footage of a social gathering is re-imagined by voiceover into a group of political agitators trapped within an embassy as the ramifications of a military coup take place "outside". Not entirally sucessful but interesting short by Chris Marker.

  10. dinoage's rating of the film The Embassy

    A political-thriller via the home-movie; The sense of tension and joy radiate the faces simultaneously, until reality sets in.

  11. Inês Silva's rating of the film The Embassy

    With the off voice, the connection between visual content and textual message instantly loses the meaning we are used to have with some recent movies.I compare it to abstract art,where the subtile is a guide through the work. In this short-film, we are confronted to one reality,known by the audience because it was previously given. With no clues of what reality is being shown in the movie,Marker gives us a non-place.

  12. PolarisDiB's rating of the film The Embassy

    Utterly depressing 'found footage' narrative of a circle of resistance fighters watching as a fascist coup takes over their country. A lot more subtle Marker spins on the narrative as to temporal and political concerns (basically, Soylent Green is people level reveal), but breathtakingly honest about its intentions. --PolarisDiB

  13. Jonathan Miller's rating of the film The Embassy

    This film also is in English, not French. (and the photo is not Chris Marker, either). Mubi: a little more care, please.