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  1. Photo of Chen Kaige

    Chen Kaige Director, Cast, and Screenplay

  2. Photo of Wang Peigong

    Wang Peigong Screenplay

  3. Photo of Gong Li

    Gong Li Cast

  4. Photo of Zhang Fengyi

    Zhang Fengyi Cast

  5. Photo of Sun Zhou

    Sun Zhou Cast

  6. Photo of Lü Xiaohe

    Lü Xiaohe Cast

  7. Photo of Wang Zhiwen

    Wang Zhiwen Cast

  8. Photo of Gu Yongfei

    Gu Yongfei Cast

  9. Photo of Zhao Benshan

    Zhao Benshan Cast

  10. Photo of Ding Haifeng

    Ding Haifeng Cast

  11. Photo of Zhou Xun

    Zhou Xun Cast

  12. Photo of Li Xuejian

    Li Xuejian Cast

  13. Photo of Pan Changjiang

    Pan Changjiang Cast

  14. Photo of Zhao Fei

    Zhao Fei Cinematography

  15. Photo of Zhao Jiping

    Zhao Jiping Music

  16. Photo of Lin Qi

    Lin Qi Production Design

  17. Photo of Tu Juhua

    Tu Juhua Production Design

  18. Photo of Satoru Iseki

    Satoru Iseki Producer

  19. Photo of Shirley Kao

    Shirley Kao Producer

  20. Photo of Hiromitsu Furukawa

    Hiromitsu Furukawa Executive Producer

  21. Photo of Han Sanping

    Han Sanping Executive Producer and Producer

  22. Photo of Tsuguhiko Kadokawa

    Tsuguhiko Kadokawa Executive Producer

  23. Photo of Zhou Xinxia

    Zhou Xinxia Editing