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  1. Photo of Joaquim Leitão

    Joaquim Leitão Director

  2. Photo of Francisco Salgueiro

    Francisco Salgueiro Novel

  3. Photo of Catarina Matos

    Catarina Matos Cast

  4. Photo of Virgílio Castelo

    Virgílio Castelo Cast

  5. Photo of Sofia Alves

    Sofia Alves Cast

  6. Photo of Sandra Celas

    Sandra Celas Cast

  7. Photo of Ângelo Torres

    Ângelo Torres Cast

  8. Photo of Francisco Fernandez

    Francisco Fernandez Cast

  9. Photo of Ana Marta Ferreira

    Ana Marta Ferreira Cast

  10. Photo of Rodrigo Paganelli

    Rodrigo Paganelli Cast

  11. Photo of Joana Barradas

    Joana Barradas Cast

  12. Photo of Luis García

    Luis García Cast

  13. Photo of Ricardo Sá

    Ricardo Sá Cast

  14. Photo of Oksana Tkach

    Oksana Tkach Cast

  15. Photo of João Alves

    João Alves Cast

  16. Photo of Joana Aguiar

    Joana Aguiar Cast

  17. Photo of David Gomes

    David Gomes Cast

  18. Photo of Leonor Vasconcelos

    Leonor Vasconcelos Cast

  19. Photo of Luís Branquinho

    Luís Branquinho Cinematography

  20. Photo of Ana Costa

    Ana Costa Producer

  21. Photo of Karina Queiroz

    Karina Queiroz Producer

  22. Photo of Antônio Gonçalves

    Antônio Gonçalves Editing

  23. Photo of Vasco Pedroso

    Vasco Pedroso Sound

  24. Photo of Pedro Góis

    Pedro Góis Sound

  25. Photo of Conor Coughlan

    Conor Coughlan Special Effects